Digital & Social Media Policy

cropped-background_w_logo.jpgThe Friends of St. John Vianney School support good practice by parents on all Digital and Social Networking sites, including this website ( and our Facebook page

The Friends Association would like to invite you, as a parent of the school, to join us in setting a good example for our children by:

 Demonstrating courtesy and respect for staff, other parents and pupils when placing comments on social media;

 Using appropriate language when discussing school;

 Addressing any issues or concerns regarding the school directly with the Headteacher or member of staff concerned.

Parents should not:

 Use social networking sites to make derogatory comments or post photographs that could bring staff into disrepute, including making comments about pupils, parents, other staff members, governors, local authority or the wider community;

 Posting photographs of other people’s children without their permission.

Discussions, comments, replies, and / or images that we find to be in breach of this policy will be deleted immediately and without prior warning. After discussion with the parent on why this course of action was taken, if a further breach occurs, the parent will be removed from the group (if the breach occurred on Facebook) and blocked from participating in any further digital or social media activity with the Friends’ Association.

We have put this policy in place to protect our children and the reputation of our school. We appreciate your cooperation and continued engagement with us.

Do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions –