Donate to SJV for free!

You can very easily raise money for the school with just a few clicks of your mouse using a wonderful resource called TheGivingMachine.

TheGivingMachine is a not for profit, social enterprise helping shoppers like us at SJV to generate free cash donations for our school every time we shop online. Participating shops include Amazon,, John Lewis, eBay, Sainsbury’s and Next plus hundreds more. You simply register your details at , choose SJV as your favourite benefactor, then when you want to purchase something online just do so by starting at this website rather than the online store itself.

How does it work?

Each purchase you make via TheGivingMachine generates a sales commission of between 1% and 10%. Of this, we get 75% and the remaining 25% goes to The GivingMachine to cover administration of the site. It really is money for nothing. You get to buy whatever it is you are after at no extra cost and also get that warm cosy glow inside when you have done something nice for the school. Simple!


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