Friday 9 November 2018


Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Friday 9th November 18 @ 9am

The ParentsRoom

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Approval of meeting minutes
  3. Financial update
  4. Upcoming events dates and organisation
  5. Fancy dress disco
  6. Christmas Fair
  7. AOB

We hope that as many people as possible can make the meeting.

Thank you!


Welcome – Sandra Escorcio (Vice Chair), Valeria Paz (Class 5), Evert Paz, Mri Mikeli, Maria Graham, Sharon O’Neill, Angie McGow, Sabrina Batchelor, Olivier, Mimosa,

Apologies – Mrs. Kennedy, Jolanta Quilliec, Chris Hartley, Maria Lempelova, Kayleigh Xavier, Lisa McBrien, Cecilia Smalle, Mrs. Agu, Leticia Abbruzzini, Roselyn Saldarha, Malgorzata Ptak, Chrishanthi Arachchige.

Finances – No expenditures have been made since the last meeting, except for the website hosting costs.

Events: All events have now been allocated to class reps. Please see Events allocation 2018/2019

Fancy dress disco – Everyone

Christmas Fair – Class 4

Valentine’s cake sale – Class 1

Spring Event/International night – Class 6

Infant Party – Class 2

Junior Disco – Class 5

Summer Healthy event – Class 3

Summer Fair – Everyone!

Ice cream stall – Sandra/Valeria (helpers)

Fancy Dress Disco – Fancy dress disco 16th November 2018. DJ Ricky has been booked for 2 hours, costing £100. Mri and Sabrina have offered to purchase juices, crisps and sweets.

Agreed to sell neon bracelets. Disco lights in cupboard can be used. Helper’s required on the day to help sell and watch the children.

Meet The friends table to be set up at the entrance of the disco – hand out leaflets to parents and encourage them to join!! (Maria & helper)

Christmas Fair – Class 4 reps taking charge of this event.

Angie will provide poster

Santa’s grotto

Cake sale

Photo booth

Need to request prizes for raffle (ASK FOR DONATIONS)


  • Memorial for Chloe Tree/bench? To discuss with Jolanta and family

  • A request for other sporting activities in the playground was made by one of the pupils/parents in the school. A request for ping pong tables in the playground. Either fixed or removable. Request to be put to the school and see if there is available funding or perhaps investigate purchasing a ping pong table.
  • Look at adding additional ice cream stalls as these were very successful and the children love it!

Thank you all again for your continued support. 😊